Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna

Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna

Are you looking for  rehab centers that accept Cigna insurance? We are a team of knowledgeable and skilled admissions counselors, and we assess the unique needs of our clients and assist them in joining a top-rated Inpatient Drug Rehab near them.

Cigna Insurance for addiction treatment

Cigna is an international health organization and is one of the most reliable insurers, with over 86 million customers. Cigna helps its customers enjoy affordable healthcare for basic needs and offers excellent coverage for addiction treatment. The coverage that you enjoy for addiction treatment depends upon the plan you choose, and typically, recovery services consist of drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, medical detox, and counseling for addiction treatment.

Cigna has a dedicated behavioral health division that addresses and supports the needs of recovering addicts. We help individuals struggling with addiction, find rehab centers that accept Cigna insurance. We verify insurance, conduct intake assessment, and match you with a treatment facility that fits your needs.

Cigna policy coverage for substance abuse

The benefits and coverage you enjoy can differ depending upon the Cigna plan you choose. Cigna has four different types of plans: Platinum, gold, silver, and bronze. The highest being platinum, and the lowest plan being bronze, individuals with a bronze plan pay the lowest rate of premium. But they face higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. Individuals with gold or platinum plans enjoy comprehensive coverage and lower deductibles. When it comes to addiction treatment, the extent of coverage you receive primarily depends upon two factors: the type of plan you choose, and the state where you live. 

One of the major advantages of a Cigna plan is that it does not require you to join one of their in-network rehabs. Nevertheless, prepare to meet higher out-of-pocket expenses, when you choose an out-of-network provider for your addiction treatment. 

Cigna Coverage for inpatient treatment

Typically Cigna insurance plans offer coverage for inpatient rehab, drug detoxification, treatment for drug and alcohol disorders, and partial hospitalization for substance disorders. The extent of coverage and out-of-pocket expenses may vary depending upon the plan you choose and where you live. If you are a bronze plan holder, you can enjoy 0% coinsurance by choosing an in-network provider. If you opt for an out-of-network rehab facility, some Cigna plans offer coverage, while some don’t.

Alternatively, with the high-end platinum plan, you will have 10-30% co-insurance after paying the plan’s deductible. These plans cover out-of-network rehabs too, but at a higher coinsurance percentage. With silver plans, the coinsurance ranges between 30 – 50%, and with gold plans, the co-insurance ranges between 20-50%.

Cigna Coverage for outpatient treatment

Under outpatient rehab services, Cigna plans offer coverage for individual, group, and family therapy. It also includes coverage for intensive outpatient treatment, anti-craving medication management, and medical detox.

Call us today at (888) 368-3288 or visit for more details. We specialize in helping patients find an Inpatient Drug Rehab that accepts their insurance meets their addiction needs and personal preferences. Your search for rehab centers that accept Cigna ends here. Reach out to us to begin your transformational journey towards sobriety.

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