Rapid Drug Detox

Finding the right rapid drug detox clinic can be difficult, given the range of clinics all claiming they offer the best detox treatment available. A bit of research will quickly provide you with the information you need to make the best decision. Safe Rapid Detox is the preferred method of undergoing the entire detox process, compressed into one, 8-hour treatment.

Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic provides the rapid drug detox most patients prefer- the one that has demonstrated its effectiveness time and again. Don’t allow your opioid problem to consume your life; if fear of detox is keeping you from turning your life around, you can significantly benefit from safe and a rapid detox that you can sleep through and wake from on the other side.

Narcotic withdrawal is painful and quite overwhelming, making it very difficult for addicts to quit once they start taking drugs. New medical rapid detox allows you to sleep through the bulk of your withdrawal so you can avoid the worst of the symptoms. You’ll be under anesthesia for 8 hours, after which, you will spend several days at Solutions Recovery. Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic is the only center in the country that offers one-on-one care during the initial recovery phase of rapid detox.

How is this possible? Science has made it possible for addicts to undergo a single, affordable procedure that is the best way to start off their recovery. Rapid Detox costs only $12,000, which includes your initial interview, assessment and exam, followed by rapid detox, 3 days of stay at the rehab center and 8 seeks of follow-up care via phone. Although the cost of treatment is not always covered by insurance, financing is available for rapid drug detox.

The Rapid Detox Clinic recommends patients arrange for a longer stay at the Solutions Recovery center to address the psychological aspect of their addiction, reducing the chances of relapse. Extended stays are often covered by insurance and are also available for financing. Rapid drug detox is a quick and effective addiction treatment you can afford, even if it means financing your treatment. Imagine a whole new life available to you on the other side of detox.

Feel free to go online to SafeRapidDetox.com to read through the FAQ page where many of the most commonly asked questions about rapid detox, and the medical coin have already been answered. While other rapid  drug detox centers may not have a doctor available to talk to you about your addiction treatment, Las Vegas Rapid Detox Medical Clinic is happy to have a doctor on call and available to answer your questions when you call 877-647-2177.

If you’re ready to turn your life around, contact the Rapid Detox Clinic now and get the help you need, through one 8-hour treatment that will make all the difference in your recovery. Sleep through your detox and begin treatment immediately after- call today to make arrangements for your interview, assessment and treatment.