Fort Myers Accident Injury Treatment

Fort Myers Accident Injury Treatment

Trust Choice Medical Center for your Fort Myers accident injury treatment- we have a long and successful history of helping patients get the help they need post-auto accident. If you’ve been injured in a motor vehicle accident and have already been treated for your immediate needs, we can offer ongoing diagnostics and treatment planning, along with providing exceptional care while you heal.

Why It’s Important That You Call Now

In Florida, patients have just 14 days to seek medical attention after an accident, or they lose the right to seek compensation under the law. If you’re waiting until you feel better or have everything figured out, you may risk losing eligibility to contact a lawyer if you wait too long. Call us to schedule a new patient consultation and appointment- we can help.

Seek Immediate Treatment

Some auto accident injuries do not present with symptoms right away- so even if you feel like nothing is wrong, it’s crucial to get checked out by our staff. Certain types of injuries, like whiplash and other neck and spine injuries, may take days or even weeks before they become apparent. We use the latest diagnostic equipment to provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition. If you’ve been injured, we can start treatment right away.

Convenient Fort Myers Accident Injury Treatment

Why go anywhere else when we are conveniently located close to you? We offer a wealth of information and resources on our website to help you make the right decision regarding treatment. If you’re in pain, we can provide options to help you stay comfortable while you heal from your injuries- and we also offer physical therapy and rehabilitation to ensure you get back to work as soon as possible.

Call Us Before You Call a Lawyer

Seeking medical treatment is the most important step after an auto accident. You’ll have time to contact an attorney, but you have a tiny window of opportunity to see a doctor if you plan on seeking financial compensation through the court system for your injuries. Even if the accident was your fault, it’s critical to have your injuries recorded and allow our staff to begin a treatment protocol that will help you manage pain and put your life back on track. Don’t wait- call us today for answers to your questions, professional advice, and assist with navigating this most challenging time in your life.

We Treat All Types of Injuries

Choice Medical Center provides quality Fort Myers accident injury treatment for victims of automobile accidents, sports injuries, and other medical conditions that require a correct diagnosis and professional medical treatment. Reach out to our staff right now to schedule a consultation visit. We can ensure you get the treatment you need to start healing. Trust us for imaging & radiology, intervention pain management, PT and rehabilitation, orthopedic surgery, neurology and neurosurgery, and personal injury doctors who are highly experienced in treating a wide range of injuries, including post-auto accident injuries.

Fort Myers Accident Injury Treatment

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