Faith Based Rehabs In Alabama

Check out Breaking Free Rescue Mission when comparing programs from faith based rehabs in Alabama. We’re confident you will find that our program is one of the best in the state, with treatment and therapy options for men, women, and children. Addiction is quickly becoming one of the biggest issues of our day; with evidence-based, Christian-focused treatment, we’re able to help heal and empower people who were once chained to an addiction that seemed insurmountable. Faith based rehab blends religion and scientifically sound therapy protocols to yield successful results.

5 Key Reasons To Choose A Faith Based Rehab

1. Faith-based programs, particularly Christian rehab programs, are proven to be highly effective when treating addiction. While secular establishments teach patients about the scientific aspects of their addiction, they fail to address its spiritual nature, which is very often more important to long-term recovery. If you’ve been through rehab in the past without experiencing long-term results, you may have been led to believe that you were somehow defective. Faith-based rehab can shine a light on the fact that you were created in the image of God, destined for greater things than addiction.

2. The best faith based rehabs in Alabama create a safe haven where patients can begin to heal from the damaging effects of addiction. With the help of Christian principles used during rehab, inner wounds can finally begin to close over and healing can take place once and for all. Treatment with a spiritual perspective can make a big difference when you’re ready to break free from addiction. Get in touch with our staff from Breaking Free Rescue Mission to learn more about our program.

3. Many modern recovery programs intentionally distance themselves from Christian principles, creating programs called ‘non-12-step recovery’ to enable patients to avoid having to deal with a higher being, God. Other rehabs still use the 12 steps but reduce God to a ‘personal moral being’, which is not God at all. Only faith-based rehabs in Alabama understandthe importance of walking with God while journeying to a place of recovery.

4. When you choose a faith-based rehab, you’ll find that it’s easy to locate support after treatment. Simply open the Bible and start reading and you’ll be in touch with the timeless story of God’s eternal love for His people and how you fit in to the story. Godly fellowship is essential for staying sober; wherever there’s a Bible-teaching church, you’ll find help and support available.

5. The secular world tells the weak and flawed that there’s no hope for them; Christianity’s story is one of new possibilities; in fact, the Bible tells us that God’s mercies are new each day. Faith based recovery offers patients real hope for a bright future where drugs and alcohol have no place.

Reach out to Breaking Free Rescue Mission for more information about our programs, staff, and rehab. As one of the top-rated faith based rehabs in Alabama, we have a lot to offer you or your family member that other rehabs cannot provide. Reach us at 833-644-1606 for immediate placement.

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