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Joining Breaking Free Rescue Mission has helped hundreds of individuals break free from their clasps of addiction and lead a sober and healthy life. Ranked among the top Christian rehab centers near Huntsville, AL, we help those battling substance abuse disorders overcome their behavioral and mental health issues with prayers and scripture.

What Is A Christian Rehab Center?

Christianity believes that the key to beating addiction is through spiritual transformation. The Christian faith believes that individuals battling substance abuse disorders can find the strength, support, and clarity necessary to work through obstacles in God.

Christian rehab facilities use their faith and religion to address and treat behavioral and mental health issues. Individuals can overcome addiction by adopting a lifestyle that upholds Christian values and attending the proper treatment. As a pioneer Christian treatment center, we use bible study sessions, scripture readings, 12-step programs, daily prayer, reflection sessions, and ministerial and pastoral counseling sessions to help our clients attain their wellness goals.

What Do Christian Rehabs Offer?

Christian rehab centers offer traditional addiction treatment alongside rehabilitating you spiritually. These rehabs work like any non-denominational addiction treatment with a strong focus on the Bible and its teachings. Ranked among the top Christian rehab facilities in Alabama, we promote healing through evidence-based clinical methods, individual therapy, holistic treatments, counseling, and faith-based support group meetings.

Our rehab program allows individuals to establish and restore faith and relationship with God and helps them find the courage and perseverance to break free from their chemical dependency problem. Some of the elements of our Christian rehab program include:

  1. Bible study sessions
  2. Scripture readings
  3. Faith-based 12-step programs
  4. Sermons that discuss substance abuse
  5. Daily prayer and reflection sessions
  6. Attendance of regular church services
  7. Ministerial and pastoral counseling

Our Christian treatment program follows a spiritual framework that prepares our recovering addicts for lasting success with sobriety. We have a highly skilled team of priests, ministers, clergy members, doctors, and mental health professionals to guide our clients in recovery.

Benefits Of Choosing A Faith-Based Rehab

Joining a religious rehab facility can reduce harmful behaviors like substance abuse and empower you with the willpower, determination, and the necessary ideologies to lead a sober lifestyle in the long term. It can help you meet and socialize with people with similar values and philosophies as you. The peer support you receive from like-minded individuals can strengthen your commitment to sobriety in the long haul.

Joining a Christ-based rehab can renew and solidify your relationship with God, improving your spiritual wellness. More importantly, you will have a sense of accountability for the rest of your life as you know you are answerable for your actions to a higher power.

Call 833-644-1606 to verify your insurance with Breaking Free Rescue Mission. We are one of the top-rated Christian Rehab Facilities Near Huntsville, AL, with state-of-the-art amenities, highly skilled treatment providers, and a high success rate. Call our team, discuss your situation, and come in for clinical evaluation and rehab preparation today!

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