Christian Detox And Rehab

Why are more and more recovery specialists recommending Christian detox and rehab to patients in need of addiction treatment? It’s impossible to ignore the fact that faith-based recovery is effective. Breaking Free Rescue Mission is a top Christian rehab in Alabama with a sound program that blends scientific recovery therapies with godly principles and Christian protocols. The result is a program that is powerful enough to break the bonds of addiction, even the most severe cases. If you’re looking for a good program, please consider contacting Breaking Free Rescue Mission for more information.

3 Benefits Of Chrsitian Detox And Rehab

1. Christianity lifts a person to the status of an image-bearer, with God being the ultimate benevolent and intelligent being whom we reflect. Secular programs rely on science alone to treat addiction, and often fail in their attempt to make the patient feel as though they are worthy of living a life free from drugs or alcohol.

If you’ve suffered a relapse and are battling feelings of worthlessness, failure, or moral weakness, Breaking Free Rescue Mission has good news for you- Christ died to save you from an eternity apart from Him, but God’s Word also tells us that by His stripes you have been healed. Reach out and take hold of real hope that is available beyond the doors to our Christian detox and rehab- we’re here for you 24/7.

2. When you opt for faith-based recovery services, you’ll be able to find support after treatment no matter where you are. Whether you’re connected with a Bible-teaching church, are a part of a Christian small group, or simply open the pages of your Bible, you can’t help but find evidence of God’s love for you and His faithfulness in helping you complete your journey.

As a Christian, you never walk alone; that’s something non-Christians cannot say. Jesus promised to be with His people in all trials and tribulations. By choosing a Christian treatment program, you’ll have the peace of mind and spirit promised to you by God, Himself.

3. Faith-based rehab creates a loving and encouraging environment that is conducive to healing. Many rehabs are in business for the sole purpose of filling beds, or making money, however, that’s not the case with Christian rehabs. When you connect with our recovery team from Breaking Free Rescue Mission, you’ll experience the joy of walking with other Christians who are committed to helping you along your recovery journey.

You may not consider yourself a religious or spiritual person, yet the evidence of how effective Christian-based recovery is cannot be ignored. Your best chances of overcoming your addiction lie in putting your faith and trust in God and asking Him to help you break free from the chains of addiction.

Our program can help you get your life back on track and leave addiction in your past for good. We want to take the time to answer all of your questions about faith-based recovery when you call Breaking Free Rescue Mission at 833-644-1606.

Christian Detox and Rehab

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