Animal Hospital Doral

Animal Hospital Doral

Animal hospital Doral is like an emergency room but for animals. We see animals that have eaten something that they were not supposed to all the way up to being hit by a car. These facilities are open 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year. While most animal hospitals Doral also offer your basic care and vaccinations they are mainly there to help in an emergency situation.

Animal hospitals work just like the emergency rooms that you would go to for yourself. They do not make appointments because you can not plan an emergency. As with our hospitals, there might be a wait. However, the most urgent cases are seen to first which can add to the wait time.

A lot of people want to know if their pet has to stay at the hospital can I visit and I will I get updates about my pet. In most cases yes you can visit your pets. However, due to the amount of space that is in the boarding areas time might be limited. At most hospitals, these limits are two visitors and only about 15 minutes at a time. On that same note, the veterinarians try to contact the owners once a day and give them an update. You are welcome to call and ask for an update at any time. However, keep in mind that you might not get to talk to the vet personally. But I assure you that the information is coming from the vet through messages.

Something that an animal hospital will have that clinics do not have are things like anesthesia, pain management, laser therapy, and possibly even boarding services. Just like with anesthesia for a person there are set rules to how it is administered. Blood work, history, breed, age and much more are looked at before your pet is given anesthesia. They are also monitored during the entire procedure with heart and repertory monitors.

Pain hurts, and we all know that we also know that it hurts our healing as well that is why animal hospital will offer pain management after surgery. You will be given detailed instructions of thing that will help with your pet’s pain at home and in some cases when needed; medication will be prescribed.

Laser therapy can be used to treat pain as well as some skin conditions. This has also been found to help with the pain of arthritis. These laser therapies send energy into the body to help speed up the process of healing. This therapy also lessens that amount of swelling as well as the amount of pain associated with surgery.

So the next time that your furry friend finds their selves in a bad spot come to see us. Whether it is because they get a little too nosey about what a porcupine is or want to try something that should not have to see us at Doral veterinary care. You can also visit us online at for all your pet care needs.